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The Best McAfee Antivirus Protection of 2018

Although McAfee is considered one of the oldest antivirus programs, its latest total protection package is one of the best since it guarantees 100% virus protection. This Antivirus always lives up to what its company promises. Besides, it comes with one of the cheapest yet most useful optimization tools thus ensuring you get value for your buck.


Below are some factors that make mcafee.com/activate the best Antivirus protection of 2018



  • Security and privacy features


McAfee comes with Web Advisor service, which was formerly known as Site Advisor. It corrects mistyped URLs, blocks phishing attempts and scans for potential download dangers. Web Advisor is free and works with almost all web browser tools, i.e., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Edge browser, and Mozilla Firefox.


McAfee Internet security uses one license for it password manager. However, it can use the 1-5 password-manager licenses which will be determined by the subscription plan. Additionally, its Safe Family parental controls is accompanied by unlimited LiveSafe Plan and a 10-device Total protection plan.


  • Interface


The McAfee interface was updated in 2018 and it sharper and brighter. All the things you always wanted are on your screen, and a simple green check mark


will tell you that your system is secure and safe. It has a settings pullout menu that lead you directly to the program.


The interface has many other options, i.e., separate tabs, which may require your exploration and some scrolling.


  • Installation


The installation process of this antivirus is quite simple. You only need to sign up with your credit card for auto-renewal, and the setup will be completed. You can then turn off auto-renewal.


  • Antivirus protection


McAfee uses file scanners that help match files that contain known malware signatures. Anything that may seem dangerous is uploaded and sent to the malware signatures that have been generated. After the program has prevented the attack, the files are then sent back to their original contents.


  • Antivirus performance


McAfee has had a major improvement in the performance of its antivirus. A test conducted between February and June 2018, showed that McAfee scored 100% since it caught everything that was through at it during the test.


Also, a test done in SE Labs in London between April and July put McAfee in ties with other antiviruses like Kaspersky. Therefore, its high performance can help stop malware by 100% through signature scanning.


  • Price and what is covered


The McAfee's security programs come with a trial version. The antivirus can also satisfy various users; from those who require basic protection to those who need all the available McAfee antivirus features. Besides all the McAfee programs support Windows 7 through to Windows 10; while the multiplatform support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later, macOS 10.12 Sierra and later, and iOS 10 and later.


This antivirus program has prices ranging from $39.99 for McAfee basic antivirus to $99.99 for McAfee LiveSafe. These prices are all competitive prices as compared to other antiviruses.




Mcafee antivirus offers the best protection plan against system infections at a cheaper cost. It can protect any device that is connected to the internet hence beefing up internet security, especially at home. Their products such as McAfee AntiVirus Plus, LiveSafe, and Total Protection are one of the best in bargain and performance.

How to Update Microsoft Office From Old To New Version?

Technology is an aspect of human lie that is always advancing from time to time. Due to discoveries made, technology continues to advance and become more complex with time. Today, computers are fairly common in almost every past for the world. Computers are machines that are designed to make human work easier and they have been used in different fields from science and medicine to education and even business and marketing among others. Computers use software that is responsible for giving instructions to the computers. With time, software becomes obsolete and there is therefore need to continue updating software for maximum efficiency of computers.


How to update Microsoft Office from old to new version


One of the most common software in computers is Microsoft Word. This is software that allows people to create documents and even write notes. Due to the increased demand for use of this software, there is need to constantly update it. Updating the software not only makes it better, but also makes it more efficient. For example, with an updated version of the software you are able to access more features and abilities. This way, the quality of work you get from the software will be better than the quality you get from the previous version of the software.


In most cases when you want to update software, you have to get rid of the current software in use. This does not have to be the case, especially when you want to update Microsoft Office software. There are several simple steps you can follow to ensure that you get the latest version without deleting the software currently in use in your computer. Here are the steps to follow when you want to update Microsoft Office setup;


  1. Look for the update you want to download. The version you wish to choose would depend on the range of services you wish to obtain from the software. While most people will often go for the latest version, there are those that do not. This is because the range of their applications can be done best only using a particular version. Therefore, depending on your needs, select the version you want to update your software to.


Download the version you have selected. This is pretty easy to do because the download button will be placed just next to the different versions of the software. Therefore, once you have identified the version you want to use, you need only to select the download button to initiate the download.


  1. Once the update is downloaded successfully, you need to fire up the installer and provide the product key information and select the button indicated continue.


  1. The screen will then give you acceptance license agreements and you should select the agree icon. Once you have agreed to the terms, select the upgrade icon that will appear. This will enable you to upgrade the current version of the software you have to the version you have downloaded.


  1. Once the process is complete, the PC will advise you to reboot your computer so that the changes can be saved. Agree to reboot and the software will kick in after the reboot.




Updating Microsoft Office setup for PC is possible and very easy. The steps to follow in order to make the updates are easy and well explained above so that you are able to complete the process smoothly.

AVG Antivirus software won't update - Fix

Computers are a common thing today and many people have used computers for different functions. The common thing that computers share today is software. This can be described as a program that is installed into the computer and it provides the instructions that the computer needs to run. Computers tend to fail sometimes due to different factors. In such a case, the software can be used to correct the malfunctions so that the computer is able to run smoothly again. In most computers, AVG software is recommended for reclamation of a computer from a virus attack. In addition to virus reclamation, the software can also be used to correct common computer errors, loss of data and files and even optimization.


How to use the AVG Antivirus Software


It is very easy to get and start using the www.avg.com/retail Software. To reap all the benefits of the software, you need to only follow the three simple steps outlined below:


  1. The first step is to download the software.


  1. Once you have downloaded the software onto your computer, the next step is to find the icon? ‘Scan’’ and select it.


  1. Select the option? ‘Repair all.’’ The software will then fix all the issues and even make some updates where necessary.


When the AVG Antivirus Software won’t update


Even though the AVG software is very effective, it has to be updated every now and then to ensure that it remains efficient. If updates are not done, then the


Software might not be able to operate effectively. Sometimes, you may be experiencing difficulties when trying to update the software. Here are some of the steps to follow to ensure the software is updated.


  1. Try and update the software manually. You can begin by opening the page in your browser, then select the version of the AVG software that appears and save it on the USB drive or in the hard disk. Then open it in Windows utility, select the? ‘Options’’ icon and select the update from directory option. This will lead a folder window to open and you will select the folder that has the software and press the button OK.


  1. Delete temporary update files to fix the AVG update. The first step it to first open the AVG window and select the icon? ‘Options’’ and proceed to the

?’Advanced Settings’’ icon. Click on the + sign that will expand the update option and then select the button? ‘Manage’’ which will then allow you to select the option to delete temporary update files. Once you are done with that, select the? ‘Yes’’ option and the files will be deleted.


  1. Scan for viruses and malware, which are a potential reason for the failure of the software to be updated. You can download Malware bytes for free and add it to Windows where you will use it to scan for viruses. Once it is added to Windows, click on the icon ’’Scan now’’ to initiate the scan.


  1. Turn off the windows firewall that may be restricting the AVG software from being updated. To switch off the firewall from Windows 10 temporarily, you can begin by clicking on the? ‘Type here to search’’ icon on the toolbar. Once the Cortana search box is open, type in the words? ‘Windows Defender’’ and select the option to open the Windows Defender firewall.


  1. On the Windows Defender firewall, you can select the on and off options to turn it on to install the AVG updates and turn it off when you are done with the updates.


  1. Re-install the software. This is will not only ensure that you have the latest version of the software but will also ensure that all the update issues are fixed permanently. The first step is to press the Windows and the X hotkey together and select run. In Run, enter the phrase? App wiz.cpl’ which will open the control panel from where you will select the AVG software that is listed and select the option? ‘Install’’ and confirm by clicking the? ‘Yes’’ button. Once it is installed restart your computer. An alternative option would be to remove all the AVG utilities using the AVG remover, and download and add AVG to Windows. Then reinstall it with its set-up wizard and you may need the product key when doing so and finally restart the computer.




Fixing the AVG Antivirus Software is very important to ensure that your computer is safe from virus and malware attacks. All the steps outlined above can be very helpful when the AVG software won’t update. In addition, you can also choose to repair it in the Programs and Features Control Panel.